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garden sound in world's #1 golf resort community!

We are the company Kraftwerk, based in Portugal, and our main goal is to provide unique and reliable audio/video systems and control solutions through innovative system design.

It is a pleasure to us to have the opportunity to share some of our TruAudio Projects with you.


Our client based in the World’s Nr.1 Golf Resort, Quinta do Lago, in the Algarve (Portugal) asked us to improve his sound system in his garden, in the areas around the pool and the pergola.

The aim was to have a well distributed sound pressure level, but at the same time avoiding as much as possible for the sound to leave the areas we wanted the sound to be at.

A strong subwoofer for garden parties was crucial.

The pergola needed quality speakers that were able to withstand a bit of humidity and the speaker grill should be easy to remove and paintable.

Set up:

For the pergola we opted to go with 2 TruAudio 8” in wall with PP membranes because of humidity. The magnetic grill was easy to spray paint in black. We exchanged the in-lay fabric for a black one so that the overall look was perfect.

For the pool area, due to the distance, we chose to go with a 70 volts solution driven by a Crown power amp CDI 1000.

In order to match the equal sound pressure distribution and sound barriers we went for 4 AcousticScape Series landscape speakers with 8” with a very directional sound dispersion.

In addition, to those speakers we went for 1 underground subwoofer with 12”.

For the cables we chose 2.5mm2 (between 16 and 18 AWG) copper.

The set-up looks good, the sound is excellent and the client is happy!

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