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I am a dealer in South Carolina with a client in Salt Lake City. In November 2021 we did a large install for the client which included a VSSL A.6x, A.3x, and various other products. Recently I received a phone call from the client that his A.6x stopped working and when he went to inspect the A.6x he noticed a burning smell. I told him to unplug the unit and I contacted tech support on his behalf.

I got into a conversation with Taylor at VSSL and he was very helpful in what we needed to do to get it replaced. But he did need some more information. The fact that I was in South Carolina and he was in Utah, I couldn't just pop over to get the information that Taylor wanted. So, Taylor ended up driving to the client's house in Salt Lake City himself! This is absolutely beyond the call of duty. When I was explaining this to my rep, Dawn (who is the absolute best!), I couldn't stress enough the fact that Taylor did this because he wanted to. Not that he was forced to, had to, or even asked to do it, he volunteered.

I have been in this industry for 22 years and I have never had a manufacturer drive to a client's house for support. His amazing drive for perfection makes Taylor and the VSSL team a true custom installers dream to work with. I know that when I am dealing with anyone at Soundvision Technologies they have the same passion as I do for the industry we work in.

So, cheers to Taylor and cheers to the management team at Soundvision Technologies for having a great working environment, great employees, and A+ service.

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