"If the Neighbors can't hear it, I want more speakers!"

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When this long-time client came to us last year his words were "I love all the distributed audio and technology stuff you did for me 8 years ago! I'm building a new house and I want all that S#*T again only bigger, louder and more of it!" It was at that moment I knew, ... This one is going to be a fun build! "We can definitely do that for you"

We started off with centralized audio distribution with a total of 17 zones of VSSL located in two racks in the house. On top of this, we used Control4 to fully automate every aspect of the home, which worked very well with the VSSL devices. Simple control of volume, mute, play/pause are easily accessible through the Control4 on-wall touchscreens, which are throughout the house. This function was especially helpful in the office so when the Homeowner’s phone rings, he can quicky turn the system down and not have to navigate to the streaming service to turn off the music before answering the call.

As we started to quantify where the music in the home was going to be located, the takeaway from this conversation with the homeowner was, EVERYWHERE! The homeowner expressed he wanted the ability to start his day at 5:00 AM in the Gym with music and be able to take it with him in every space of the house throughout his day.

GC-8 TruAudio speakers cover most every room in the house, from the Kitchen, Gym, 5 Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Front and Back Porches, and TruAudio landscape speakers expand out to all reaches of the property... You literally cannot escape the music on this property! The only room he didn't want to do was the Dining Room. Hmm.... that seemed strange to us. After living in the house for about 6 months he called up. "Ok, i don't want to hear it from Steve (Steve is our lead project manager), but tell him he was right. I should have put music in the Dining Room!" He was surprised at the response he got when we told him "We will come cut the speakers in and hook up the wires we ran for you in anticipation of this call"

Wire is cheap relatively speaking, and when compared to cutting holes in walls and ceilings to fish wire when you have the completed house it is WAY cheaper! When you are working with great clients its always worth throwing a little extra wire in for them on the house! Good things like that we feel have a way of coming back around. The homeowners are always happy to know they are taken care of and in the end, you can come out looking like a hero for going that extra little step. So run some extra wires and make someone's day.

For the living room our team installed a 5.1 system with the REV series speakers with a CSUB10 to give them a great, casual location to enjoy TV or a quick show when it is just the 2 of them. We helped them to design not only the layout of the audio system to blend in with the space, but our in-house cabinet shop designed and built the beautiful bow front AV wall cabinet to hide all the local equipment for this room. With our in-house cabinet shop, it gives us the ability to not only design and build beautiful furniture for our clients, but also gives us the control over correct sizing and even more important proper venting that is typically overlooked by most cabinet shops

Now we get to the outdoor audio portion of this project. This is where we really got to have some fun. The homeowner's words were "I want the whole neighborhood to listen to my music!" ...... I've waited my entire career for someone to ask me to do this!! HAHAHA We covered the back yard with 10 of the massive TruAudio AS-3 speakers paired with two 12" burial subs. The response from the homeowner was "I F&*$%^G LOVE THIS!! Now can you do it again in the front yard?!?" ...... YES.... YES we can! so we were off to add another 6 AS-3s to the front yard and another 12" burial sub!

He calls every now and then just to tell us how much more enjoyable it is to mow the lawn when he can clearly hear his music over the sound of his motor on his John Deere tractor!! And we are sure the rest of the neighborhood can hear it as well!!!

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Crystal Kemp SVT

Nice! Such a great idea to run a little extra wire anticipating future needs. Great way to get return clients using quality products and quality workmanship! Great job!

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Brittany Morgan SVT

To quote your customer, "I FREAKING LOVE THIS". Incredible story and an even more incredible job!!

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