VSSL Volume Control


Sometimes I can't control the volume of the VSSL in my music streaming app and have to go to the VSSL app. How can I fix this?

Verified solution
Taylor Duncan SVT

There could be a number of different reasons why you're having issues controlling your volume in the music streaming app:

  • You started the stream via Spotify Connect or Google Cast but have since become disconnected from the WiFi
  • Your network topography is not congruent with WiFi audio best practices and isn't properly transmitting data packets across the network
  • You still need to adjust some configuration settings within your networking equipment in order to avoid dropped audio packets
  • You're attempting to use your Android device's native buttons to control the volume after that feature was deprecated in Android 12.

See our Networking Suggestions support article for specific instructions on properly preparing your network for WiFi audio. https://vsslknowledgebase.tawk.help/article/vssl-networking-support