How can I listen to multiple zones at the same time?


I'm wanting to listen to the same music across multiple zones at the same time. How do I do this?

Verified solution

Grouping depends mainly on the device that's the source of the stream.

  • Since Android users typically use Google Cast as their streaming protocol of choice, users can create as many Google Speaker Groups as they like. Once created in the Google Home App, the Google Speaker Group immediately appears in the casting device list within the music streaming app. Users can also stream music via voice command to Google Assistant built-in products.
  • iOS users can utilize the same Google Speaker Group technology as Android users... as well as Apple's proprietary group-on-the-fly AirPlay 2 technology. Directly from the AirPlay 2 menu users can select any and all zones to listen to as well as adjust the volume of each zone. Users can access the AirPlay 2 menu from multiple locations in and outside of the music streaming app.
  • Finally, users who use Amazon's Alexa technology can also group zones via their Multi-Room Music Groups. These are configured within the Alexa app under the Devices section. Those created groups are then available stream to within the Alexa app, Amazon Music, or via voice commands.

For more specific instructions on multi-zone listening, take a look at our support article and YouTube video here: